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CDL Training Near Merced

Merced is a fairly large city with over 80,000 residents. Residents enjoy a cost of living that is much lower than in other parts of California. You may be able to work for variety of local trucking companies, including M & M Express, Johnny’s Trucking, and Davis Trucking.If you currently live in the city of Merced, you may be wondering how you can become part of the city’s thriving trucking industry. There are two ways to get into this field, since Merced has two schools with truck driving programs. Both Golden State Truck School and Merced College Truck Driving can provide you the education you need.

It’s a good idea to evaluate both schools in the Merced area. Small classes are offered at both schools, allowing you to get a more personalized education and spend more time working with your instructors. You may even get more driving time.