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CDL Training Near Long Beach

Diesel Mechanic Options in Long Beach

Starting an exciting career in the diesel mechanic industry of Long Beach begins with a degree or certificate from an accredited school. At AllTrucking.com, we recommend that students interested in a diesel technology career look into Long Beach City College. This is a short-term program that helps students gain the skills needed for a variety of entry-level mechanic jobs. In addition to studying in the classroom, you’ll be able to work in the garage and in the lab to build up an arsenal of practical truck repair skills.

Attend Diesel Mechanic School in Long Beach, California!

Ready to get into the booming transportation industry of Long Beach, but think that you’d rather repair large trucks than drive one? Good news: Long Beach has one school with a diesel technology program. It can be pretty affordable to go to school in this area. Tuition costs, on average, $1,366, and the average scholarship award is $758. Read on to learn about the diesel industry in Long Beach and find out if this is the right career path for you!

Working in Long Beach’s Trucking Industry

Though Long Beach can be an expensive place to live, you may enjoy the range of benefits of living in this city. As a diesel mechanic in Long Beach, you may be expected to travel to the site of truck breakdowns and repair them on the spot. You’ll likely spend quite a bit of time on major local highways like State Highway 22, State Highway 405, and State Highway 605.

Completing your education in this field may allow you to work for a variety of employers, including dealerships, trucking companies, and repair shops. Some of the main local employers in Long Beach include Sunrise Ford of North Hollywood, Don Chalmers Ford, Westrux International, and Mopar Chrysler. Diesel mechanics in this city earn an average salary of $50,360 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013).

Our local school listings can help you get ready for your new career. Contact a local school to get started!