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CDL Training Near La Puente

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Because of the size of California’s trucking industry, there is a growing demand for skilled, educated truck drivers. If you are looking for truck driving schools in La Puente, there is one school you can attend. Camino Real Busing & Trucking Career School offer Class A training programs and Class B training courses. You can expect to spend between one and eight weeks in school, depending on which license you want to earn.

Get Your Hands on the Wheel and Eyes on the Road with CDL Training in California

Typically, truck driving courses in California are not eligible for federal financial aid. However, you may be able to apply for a payment plan. Additionally, some trucking employers will reimburse you for your costs. If you really want to figure out the best way to move forward in the trucking industry, contact the Camino Real Busing & Trucking Career School to learn more! Be sure to tell them your goals in the trucking industry, and what endorsements and qualifications you are looking for. They have relationships with trucking companies and can give you the best advice based on their experience helping students like you!

Where La Puente Truckers Get Down to Business

With a low cost of living and over 40,000 residents, La Puente has lots to offer trucking professionals. Major highways in the area include State Highway 60 and I-605. Local trucking companies include Halbert Brothers, Frontline Freight Inc., Knight Transportation, and Minuteman Transport.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that heavy truck drivers in this area earn an average annual salary of $42,210. Their estimates indicate that light truck drivers have an average income of $33,780 (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to hit the road in your new trucking career! Contact the Camino Real Busing & Trucking Career School to discuss your options today!