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CDL Training Near Kerman

People who live in Kerman enjoy a very low cost of living when compared to the California average. A variety of highways go through this area, including Highway 180 and Highway 145. Burrows Brothers Trucking, Haupt & Sons, B. B. Express, and J. Martinez Transport are some of the biggest trucking companies.If you decide to start a career in the trucking industry, you can enjoy many benefits, including the ability to work by yourself, time to travel, and a lucrative salary. There’s one school, Five River Truck School, that can give you the training you need in Kerman.

On top of a great education and small class sizes, Five River Truck School offers career services. With these services, you can more easily find a job with your education. Because so many trucking companies are looking for drivers, you may find a job before you even graduate. Some local companies offer sign-on bonuses.