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CDL Training Near Imperial

Imperial, a city of 15,600 people, has a cost of living that’s 22% below the state average. Local highways include Imperial Highway and California State Route 90. Employers in this area include American Transport, Dacsa Trucking, Lizard Express, and Marten Transport.With the growing need for truck drivers all over the state of California, it should be no surprise that there are quite a few trucking schools in this state. If you want to get started in the city of Imperial, there are two schools to consider: Safeway Truck & Bus Driving School and Union Truck Driving School.

At Safeway Truck & Bus Driving School, there are several courses you can look into. The main truck driving course consists of 240 hours completed over the course of four weeks. The main class is held during the day, but there may be evening classes available.