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CDL Training Near Hercules

Jump in the Driver’s Seat with Truck Driving Schools in Hercules

Since there are so many large cities and people living in California, the state has a strong reliance on its trucking industry. This puts you in a good position to start a career and earn a lucrative salary shortly after graduating. Class A Truck School is the only truck driving school in Hercules. Be sure to contact them and ask if they offer endorsements, such as HazMat, or career services that can help you find work when your training is complete.

Finding a CDL Program for You

At Class A Truck School, you can earn a Class A driver’s license in less than eight weeks. You get to start driving a tractor-trailer after mastering truck components and California driving laws. Overall, you can plan on getting more than 100 hours of truck driving experience.

Driving in Hercules

With important highways like State Highway 4 and California State Route 123, Hercules is a major transportation hub in California. Several trucking companies are headquartered in this area, including Hercules Freight, LDL Trucking Associates, and California Hauling Company. Hercules has many of the amenities of city living but the feel of a small town.

Many truck drivers in this area earn relatively high salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $45,590 annually. They claim that light truck drivers have a median salary of $38,110 (BLS, 2013).

Move into the fast lane today with truck driver training. Find out more about CDL-A programs in Hercules. Contact Class A Trucking School to learn more!