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CDL Training Near Glendora

Become a Diesel Mechanic in Glendora

If you are good with vehicles and are interested in taking your mechanical skills to the next level, diesel technology may be the ideal career path for you. Diesel mechanics play a significant part in the trucking industry, working quickly to repair vehicles and get them back on the road. Citrus College is the main school in Glendora that offers a diesel technology program.

Get Under the Hood with Trucking School in Glendorad

The diesel technology program at this school, which covers medium and heavy trucks, is made up of 37 credits. You can complete your training in one full year. This degree includes lots of hands-on experience in addition to your classroom time.

Connecting with Trucking Companies in Glendora

There are many trucking companies, repair shops, and other automotive employers in Glendora that may hire diesel mechanics. Major companies in this area include R & P Trucking, Sub Carrier Systems, and Vobecky Enterprises. Local highways in Glendora include Arrow Highway and Highway B. In this area, trucking professionals that drive heavy trucks or tractor-trailers report an average annual salary of $42,270 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Those that drive light trucks earn, on average, $34,120 per year (BLS, 2013).

Let’s get you under the hood of a diesel! Contact Citrus College to learn more today!