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CDL Training Near Gilroy

Burn Rubber Towards a New Career with Truck Driving Schools in Gilroy

Gilroy is home to one school that can help you complete your truck driver training. The Center for Employment Training is the main truck driving school in Gilroy. The average class has 21 students. Plus, if you want to earn endorsements, such as HazMat, double or triple trailer, and others, talk to these truck driving schools in Gilroy about how you can increase your qualifications.

Choose the Right CDL Program in Gilroy

Part of what determines your program length is what type of driver’s license you want to earn. A Class B license is the quickest option, but it may limit your job options. You may be able to earn this license in one to two weeks. Class A licenses, which require up to eight weeks of study, offer the most job opportunities in Gilroy.

Join the Gilroy Trucking Community!

Gilroy is a mid-sized city with almost 51,000 residents. Major trucking employers like San Jose Transport, Bert E. Jessup Transportation, and Trans Valley Transport rely on local highways, including California State Route 152, Pacheco Pass Highway, and State Route 1. No matter which company you work for, you’ll likely need to be familiar with these routes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that tractor-trailer drivers in this region earn an average salary of $45,820 each year. Their estimates show that light truck drivers earn an average of $35,920 annually (BLS, 2013).

Find more information about CDL-A schools in Gilroy today. Contact the schools below to get started!