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CDL Training Near El Monte

El Monte’s 115,000 residents enjoy a cost of living that is 12% lower than the California average. El Monte is home to many truck driving companies. Some of the largest include Evangel Shipping, Premier Transport, Golden Star Trucking, and Global Courier Express.Are you looking for a career that can help you earn a great salary? If you want a career with a solid job outlook, trucking may be the answer. Even better, trucking school does not take two years or more to complete. There are two truck driving schools in El Monte: Edison Truck Driving School and TGA Truck Driving School.

You can learn a variety of skills regardless of which school you choose to attend. Plan on learning how to load and unload trucks, safe driving techniques, and California driving laws. The majority of your time may be spent behind the wheel of a big rig.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals who drive heavy trucks in this area can make an average salary of $42,580 per year. They indicate that light truck drivers have an average salary of $35,210 (BLS, 2013). Both of these figures are higher than the national average.