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CDL Training Near Corona

Become a Truck Driver in Corona

Are you looking for a new career field with lots of opportunities for growth? Consider becoming a truck driver. California is incredibly important to the nation’s trucking industry, so this is the perfect state for aspiring truck drivers. Corona is home to America Truck Driving School, a school that offers many different classes. You can complete a Class A course, a Class B course, and passenger endorsements with either type of license. To find the right program, contact them to discuss your goals and what training you’ll need to get the job you want.

Paying for CDL Training School

You may want to look into local scholarships and grants that can help you cover your educational costs. The California Trucking Association offers a variety of scholarships. But there may be several other options when it comes to paying for your training. Many drivers have financial concerns before they sign up. That’s why it’s important to call America Truck Driving School and find out what options they recommend.

Get Moving in Corona Today

Corona can be the ideal city for you as a truck driver. The cost of living is 10% lower than the statewide average. Corona is also an important California transportation hub; California State Route 91 and California State Route 15 run through the city. Local employers include RM Trucking & Transport and Rise Above Trucking.

Heavy tractor-trailer drivers in the Corona area have an average salary of $45,190 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Those who drive light trucks report a median income of $37,260 (BLS, 2013).

Put your past in the rear view mirror and drive towards a brighter future. Contact America Truck Driving School today!