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CDL Training Near Commerce

Nearly 13,000 residents live in Commerce, enjoying the city’s low cost of living. Several highways run through Commerce, including Highway 120 and I-5. Local trucking companies include Dependable Logistics Solutions, Cummins Logistics and Transportation, and Allied American Trucking.California’s thriving trucking industry has lots of opportunities for people that are willing to develop skills and education in the field of truck driving. If you want to study in Commerce, there is one school that offers the courses you need: Dolphin Trucking School. This school runs small classes for trucking students, allowing you to enjoy more one-on-one class time.

There are many benefits to attending a dedicated truck driving school like Dolphin Trucking School. These schools tend to have strong connections in the community, and these connections can help you find a high-paying trucking job after graduation. You may be able to get a sign-on bonus as well.

Those who drive trucks in this area may find that salaries (for heavy truckers) are pretty close to the national average, whereas light truckers earn a bit less. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that people who drive light trucks earn an average of $33,780 per year. Heavy truck drivers earn an average of $42,210 (BLS, 2013).