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CDL Training Near Chatsworth

Put Your Career in Gear with Trucking Education!

If you’re ready to start a career in an exciting new industry that’s always growing, you should look into the field of trucking. Truck drivers can drive a variety of routes and earn a competitive salary to other industries where you may be stuck in an office or have a boss staring down your shoulder all day.

Truck Driving Schools in Chatsworth

Your trucking career in Chatworth starts at the one truck driving school in the area: Alliance School of Trucking. This school offers test review for new graduates.

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Making your driving career a reality…
There are many financing options that you can use to your advantage. You may be able to get a discount if you pay in full. Many employers reimburse new truck drivers for their education costs. You may also be able to apply for private loans. No matter what your financial situation, it’s best to speak with schools about your concerns. They talk with prospective students all the time and can help you find a solution. The cost of truck driver training is considerably less than education programs offered at colleges and universities, so don’t let fear of finances stop you from investigating.

Driving in Chatsworth

With over 37,000 residents, Chatsworth is one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The cost of living is 3% lower than the Los Angeles average. There are many transportation hubs in this area, including the 110 Freeway and the Gardena Freeway. Some of the biggest trucking companies in the area are Sunset Logistics and Breneman Trucking. Heavy truck drivers in the Los Angeles area, including those in Chatsworth, report an average annual salary of $42,210 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Light truck drivers have an average annual salary of $33,780 (BLS, 2013).

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