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CDL Training Near Bellflower

With over 77,000 people, Bellflower is a fairly large city. The cost of living is almost 10% below the California average. Local highways include Imperial Highway and I-105. Local trucking companies include C.C. Machinery Services, Versteeg Trucking, Empire Transportation Services, and C & C Transportation Services.The city of Bellflower offers a huge variety of trucking opportunities to new drivers, including two schools with trucking programs. Both Dial School of Trucking and Toro School of Truck Driving prepare you for the process of Class A licensure in California. Toro School of Driving also gives you the chance to earn a Class B license if you’d rather drive smaller trucks.

Both schools have a variety of financing options. Paying upfront is always an option, especially if you have an employer willing to reimburse you. However, you can also look into federal grants and student loans.For people who drive light or delivery trucks in this region, it’s reported that the median income is $35,210 annually (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Heavy truck drivers, on the other hand, report a median salary of $42,580. (BLS, 2013).