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CDL Training Near Atwater

Major highways like State Highway 140 and State Highway 99 go through Atwater, making it an important stop in the trucking community. Compared to other areas of California, the cost of living in Atwater is very low. Major trucking employers include E & B Bulk Transportation and Central Valley Trucking.Your safe driving history and attention to detail could pave the way for a career in truck driving. The California trucking industry is always expanding, offering plenty of job openings to new trucking graduates. In the city of Atwater, there is one truck driving school: Golden State Truck School.

When you attend a truck driving school like Golden State Truck School, you can choose the education that suits your career. Whether you want to become a Class A driver or Class B driver, they have the training you need. Of course, your program includes many hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience.