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CDL Training Near Arcadia

Arcadia, located in California, is a city of about 58,000 people. Several important trucking routes go through the city, including I-210, State Highway 2, and State Highway 134. Many large trucking companies have locations in Arcadia, including CDC, FM Trucking, Fairview Trucking Company, Millennium Trucking Company, and Food Express.Truck driving is a popular career option for many people, regardless of previous education or experience. Because a truck driving program only takes a few weeks to complete, it lets you get started more quickly than most other career paths. In Arcadia, you can attend two different truck driving schools: Dootson School of Trucking and Truck Master by Dootson.

There are many training options in Arcadia. Training schedules are flexible; you can meet with local representatives to find out which schedule works for you. In addition, you get as many half-hour private training lessons as you need to succeed.Trucking professionals that decide to drive heavy trucks in this area earn an average salary of $42,580 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Light truck drivers take in an average of $35,210 each year (BLS, 2013). Both salaries are slightly higher than the national average.