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CDL Training Near Anaheim

Find Success in the Trucking Industry

One of the quickest ways to start a new career is to earn your commercial driver’s license. In Anaheim, there is one commercial truck driving school: California Career School. Tuition is approximately $5,369 per year. Because of the variety of financial aid opportunities, the average scholarship award is $748. If you are looking for truck driving schools in Anaheim, you should check out California Career School today. You can discuss their approach to CDL training and what kinds of endorsements you can earn through their program.

Truck Driving Schools in Anaheim

You can choose between two main programs at California Career School. You can complete a commercial truck driving course in six weeks or a professional truck driving course in 15 weeks. The commercial truck driving course has full-time and part-time options, while the professional program is only offered full-time. If you want to earn your CDL-A or other type of professional license, contact them today.

Hitting the Road in Anaheim

Many huge California highways intersect in Anaheim, including California State Route 91, California State Route 57, and California State Route 55. As a result, there are many truck driving companies based in Anaheim. Some of the biggest companies include R+L Carriers, Freight Audit Company, and Dedicated Xpress. The cost of living in Anaheim is slightly lower than the California average.

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tractor-trailer drivers in the Anaheim area earn an average of $42,580 each year. Their estimates show that light truck drivers have an average annual salary of $35,210 (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to burn rubber towards a new career in the trucking industry! Contact California Career School about their truck driver training program in Anaheim today!