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CDL Training Near Alameda

Alameda has many important trucking companies, including Fog City Transport, Dale’s Excavating, and D.R. Trucking. Several trucking routes go through the city, including California State Route 61, California State Route 84, and California State Route 47. You may travel these routes frequently as a mechanic. There are over 75,000 people living in Alameda.When you’re ready to become a diesel mechanic and become part of one of the main industries in California, there is one school in Alameda that can help you get there: College of Alameda.

The diesel and truck mechanic program at the College of Alameda has two types of degrees. The shorter option is a Certificate of Completion, which only requires the core diesel technology courses. An Associate’s degree in diesel technology also requires you to complete general education courses in math, science, and English. A certificate takes one year and an Associate’s degree takes two years.Generally speaking, trucking salaries in this area are fairly high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $47,300 per year. They clai that the average income for a light truck driver is $38,110 (BLS, 2013).