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CDL Training Near Little Rock

Rock Down the Highway in Little Rock!

If you are ready to start your career in the trucking industry, there are three schools that can offer you a high-quality education. All three schools have truck driving programs and small class sizes, giving you plenty of opportunities to get behind the wheel. Before you enroll, make sure that you have examined all your options for training. It’s easy to contact the three schools below and compare their benefits.

Attending Truck Driver Training in Little Rock

You may be able to enjoy special benefits when you attend a truck driving school. This can help you find a job or even get your schooling paid for. Diesel Driving Academy offers job placement services, various financial aid options, and assistance with meeting employers that may reimburse you for your tuition costs. No matter what your situation, you can speak with each school to see what your options are. Many students have concerns about finances, and they can help you move forward.

The Trucking Industry Rocks In Little Rock

One of the many benefits of living in Little Rock is its cost of living, which is 13% below the national average. Major transportation hubs in this area include Interstate 30, Arkansas Highway 10, and Interstate 40. Large trucking employers in the area include CalArk, Asphalt Transport Inc., and Coach Transport Inc. The Little Rock area has over 7,000 truck drivers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy truck drivers earn an average of $38,820. The median salary for light truck drivers is $29,520 per year (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to get yer rear in gear with a new career! Contact the truck driver schools below to get started.