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CDL Training Near El Dorado

El Dorado is a mid-sized city that is home to over 18,000 people. Some of the most prominent highways in this area are Arkansas Highway 7, Arkansas Highway 15, and I-69. Frank Thompson Transport, Lee’s Trucking, Dana Transport, and Anders Trucking are some of the major local truck driving employers.If you want to become a truck driver in Arkansas, you can start working towards a Class A or Class B driver’s license. South Arkansas Community College is the only truck driving school in the city of El Dorado. It is conveniently located on a local highway, so there’s lots of driving opportunities.

At South Arkansas Community College, the truck driving program covers many different areas. You can learn basic vehicle maintenance, safety procedures, motor vehicle laws, and different ways of backing up a vehicle. Many of these skills are gained through your on-the-road driving hours.