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CDL Training Near De Queen

With over 6,600 residents, De Queen is a fast-growing city in Arkansas. Residents benefit from a very low cost of living. Some of the largest trucking companies in the area include Kissinger Trucking, DC Trucking, and Doug Hill Trucking. Local highways include Highway 71 and Arkansas Highway 41.If you want to take your place in the Midwestern trucking industry, De Queen has one educational institution that can help you get started: Cossatot Technical College. Their truck driver training program is designed to be completed in four weeks. It contains 160 hours of instruction. You can plan on a personalized education experience, since the school maintains a 3-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Upon completion of this program, you should be ready to take your Class A driver’s exam and begin driving commercial trucks. Tuition for the truck driving program is $3,695, and it includes books and other expenses.Those who begin trucking careers in this area may find that their salary depends on what type of truck they drive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that those who drive light trucks earn an average of $24,660 per year. Heavy truck drivers earn a median salary of $37,670 (BLS, 2013).