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CDL Training Near Blytheville

Hit the Road with a Career in Trucking!

With just one semester of schoolwork, you can get your start in a career that offers flexibility, a wide salary range, and travel opportunities. Of course, we’re talking about truck driving. The truck industry is a big player in Midwestern states like Arkansas. Arkansas Northeastern College offers a commercial truck driving program that you can complete in one semester. The cost of tuition is approximately $2,150, and the average scholarship award is an impressive $1,614.

Truck Driving Programs in Blytheville

For many prospective drivers, the cost of training is a major concern. That’s why you need to speak with Arkansas Northeastern College about your options. The Arkansas Northeastern College Foundation offers a variety of scholarships that you can use to pay for your truck driving course. Your options include an institutional scholarship and the Board of Trustees Technical Scholarship. No matter what your situation, you should find out what you qualify for. Don’t let an opportunity to advance your career pass you up!

Driving in Blytheville Rocks!

Thanks to its mild weather and low cost of living, Blytheville has been listed as a great place to live. It’s 15,000 residents rely on major trucking routes like State Highway 181 and State Highway 151 to get around. You may work for local employers like Reichmann Transport and D & G Trucking. Blytheville truck drivers can earn a range of salaries. Tractor-trailer drivers earn a median income of $42,720 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Light truck and delivery truck drivers earn an average of $36,600 per year (BLS, 2013). Be sure to talk with Arkansas Northeastern College to find out what major companies hire their graduates.

Don’t wait to find top-notch training. Contact Arkansas Northeastern College to find out how you can hit the road as a truck driver in Blytheville!