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CDL Training Near Wilcox

Wilcox is considered a small city, due to its population of almost 3,700 people. Two of the most important highways in Wilcox are Highway 86 and Highway 186. Local truck driving companies include DATS Trucking, Dunagan’s Trucking, and D.C. Carriers. Wilcox has a very low cost of living.If you would like to earn a lucrative salary as a team driver or over-the-road truck driver, you have to start by getting a good education in truck driving. In Wilcox, Arizona, Cochise College offers a truck driving program. This program prepares you for the Class A driver’s license exam in Arizona.

It’s important to begin preparing for your career as a truck driver while you are still in school. Many truck driving companies begin recruiting students while they are still in school, so working hard and proving yourself early on can help you line up a variety of good job offers.Estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that heavy truck drivers take in an average of $32,880 per year. Light truck drivers earn slightly less, with an average salary of $27,920 per year (BLS, 2013).