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CDL Training Near Tanner

Tanner is a fairly large city that currently has over 60,000 residents. U.S. Highway 31 and Alabama Highway 20 are two of the main trucking routes in this area. Local trucking employers include IDM Transportation, James Brown Trucking, and Carroll Fulmer Logistics.You may be interested in a truck driving career if you have a clean driving record and can work independently. This career path typically requires you to be self-motivated, since you often spend days or weeks working on your own. Your journey may start with an education from John C. Calhoun State Community College, a local college that has a truck driving program. Tuition costs about $3,990 and students receive an average scholarship award of $2,487.

Truck driving courses at this college begin every week. Each program lasts about three weeks. You can plan on attending classes for nine hours per day every weekday.