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Western Express Jobs: Driver Pay, Requirements, and Reviews

Founded by Donna and Wayne Wise in 1991, Western Express is a trucking carrier based in Nashville, Tennessee, that’s committed to offering customers innovative transportation solutions. As an employer, the company pays drivers well, maintains a top-of-line fleet, and provides employees with a supportive, family-like environment to learn and grow.

Western Express has a variety of jobs for both new and experienced truck drivers. Read on to explore the types of driving jobs available, average salaries, and what current and past employees have to say about their time with the company.

Types of Western Express Truck Driving Jobs

Western Express offers a range of driving jobs, including flexible routing and regional positions that allow drivers to meet their responsibilities at home and on the job. Positions and types of routes include:

  • Flatbed
  • Dry van
  • OTR
  • Regional
  • Team drivers
  • Leased vehicles
  • Owner operators

Western Express’ delivery area varies by type of freight. They run long-haul and short-haul routes, mostly on the East and West coasts, flatbed transportation throughout North America, and dedicated service for several Southwest and Northeast routes. They also work with partner carriers to deliver beyond their area.

The expansive delivery area allows drivers to work regional routes and prioritize time at home or earn a higher income by working long-haul routes. The flexibility of routes is a key consideration for most drivers at Western Express.

What Does Western Express Transport?

As an asset-based truckload carrier with over 3,000 trucks and more than 7,500 trailers, Western Express has one of the country’s largest van and flatbed fleets. The company delivers commodities and essential items to communities around the United States.

How Much Does Western Express Pay?

According to the Western Express website, all drivers are “on a path to earn $120,000” per year. They claim to have the highest pay rates in the industry, but salaries vary based on experience, location, and several other factors.

For instance, flatbed drivers at Western Express can earn $65,000-$130,000 per year, while driver trainers earn between $90,000 and $120,000. Team drivers at Western Express might split $130,000 or more annually.

Western Express Driver Pay by City

How much will you earn driving for Western Express? As a truck driver, the number of miles, type of truck, type of freight, and how long you are away from home impact your income.

Most companies pay truck drivers by the mile, and Western Express claims to offer more miles for drivers who want to increase their income. Pay rates can vary by location—these are some average Western Express truck driver salaries by city.

New York City, NY$74,356
Chicago, IL$76,117
Houston, TX$73,674
Boston, MA$80,325
Las Vegas, NV$70,275
Philadelphia, PA$74,174
Phoenix, AZ$71,553
San Diego, CA$75,993
Columbus, OH$72,121
Jacksonville, FL$69,490

*All wage data compiled using ZipRecruiter reporting for Western Express truck driver salaries (2021).

Western Express Driver Perks and Benefits

Western Express prides itself on offering top pay with aggressive pay increases, paid training, health and dental insurance, paid vacation, and access to a 401(k). Truck drivers for Western Express also enjoy other perks, such as:

  • Flexible routing and priority home time policy, allowing drivers to be home more if needed
  • Tarp pay, stop pay, layover pay, and oversize pay
  • Newer equipment, with most trucks no more than a year and a half old
  • Seven terminal locations across the U.S.
  • Free WiFi at partner truck stops
  • Opportunities for drivers of all skill levels, from new CDL holders to those who have been out of the industry for a few years
  • Pet and rider policy
  • Tuition reimbursement up to $6,000
  • Driver referral bonuses of $1,000

Western Express Truck Driver Requirements

To be considered for positions at Western Express, you must meet their minimum driving requirements, which include:

  • Being at least 21 years of age
  • Passing a DOT drug test
  • Having a Class A CDL in your state of residence
  • Passing a DOT physical and drug test, with no prior alcohol or drug positives
  • Having an acceptable motor vehicle record
  • Being able to travel to one of their three orientation sites for training

To start as an experienced driver, you’ll need at least three months of on-the-road experience. Driver trainers, who can typically earn higher salaries, only need to drive for Western Express for three months before applying to train other drivers.

How Long Is Training at Western Express?

Although Western Express doesn’t offer CDL training for unlicensed drivers, they provide four weeks of professional paid training to applicants who already have their CDL and a refresher course for those who don’t have any recent driving experience. After training and passing a road test, applicants qualify as solo truck drivers.

Applying to Drive for Western Express: Instructions and Advice

If you are considering applying for a Western Express driver position, start by filling out their online application. This includes basic information such as your name, email, phone number, and whether you hold a CDL license.

Then, you’ll complete the full application with your birth date, Social Security number, address, and contact information. Once your application is in, a seating specialist will contact you to discuss available opportunities.

If accepted, you must attend a 2- to 5-day paid orientation in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, or California. Most interview reviews are positive, with reviewers stating the interview and orientation processes are simple and smooth.

An employee in Melbourne, Florida, shares on Glassdoor: “They basically recruited me immediately over the phone and had me to orientation within a few days. Orientation was pretty much just a bunch of videos with quizzes on a tablet.”

Another driver in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, explains, “[The interview was] pretty easy. Just be sure to have all your paperwork with you and answer honestly, also make sure you’re clean when it comes to drugs. They will test you.”

Is Western Express a Good Company?

Overall, Western Express employees seem happy, and the company takes pride in offering higher-than-average pay. Drivers also have access to flexible routes, which is ideal for a good work-life balance.

Western Express Reviews of Truck Driving Jobs

The best way to see if a job is a good fit for you is to get the low-down from current and former employees. Here’s what Western Express drivers have to say about the company.

A flatbed driver in Falls Mills, Virginia, shares some of the pros as, “Competitive pay package and benefits. All late model trucks. No force dispatch. Good driver support for any problems while you’re on the road. Plenty of miles and good home time.” However, they also mention some disadvantages: “The only con I have is it is no real incentive for drivers to report problems with the trailers. So, you’re often picking up trailers with maintenance issues. I think it’s more of an industry problem than a specific Western Express problem. Regardless, it is an issue.”

Another current employee speaks about the training process: “I recently updated my cdl and was given the opportunity to run a regional route. My recruiter told me that orientation was the biggest headache and I found that to be true. I can only speak on the training phase since I just completed it but it was very helpful. My school TDI got me prepared but Western Express showed me how to successfully operate and be self sufficient. My training pay was 650 dollars a week while training and am looking forward to getting my own truck as we speak! I will update you guys once I have driven solo a while.”

“Western Express is unique in the sense it gives most people a shot if they cannot get hired elsewhere,” says a truck driver in Plainfield, Connecticut. “As the only company I have worked for I am biased in my experience. Just finishing my 10th week as a New England Regional dry van driver, I am satisfied as to my expectations of an entry level job in this rough neck industry. My miles over these 10 weeks have been great and loads consistent. If you mess up you may be put in detention for a bit until things catch up but will eventually so have patience and own up to your mistake if it was your fault. As you get better and prove yourself to be consistent in your daily work you will get better loads and will continue to do so until you mess up.

After you will have to fix yourself and get consistent again and loads will improve based on trust. Don’t sweat the small stuff as this company is used to newbies breaking stuff. Just learn from it and move on as quickly as you are able. The biggest thing to avoid is hitting things that can make an insurance claim.”

Working Your Way into a Driving Job at Western Express

Overall, Western Express can be an ideal company for truck drivers just getting started because the company offers paid entry-level driver training time and doesn’t require any experience. However, they don’t offer CDL training, so applicants must have already attended truck driving school to qualify for a position.

If you don’t currently hold a CDL license, consider seeking a position at a company that doesn’t require a commercial driver’s license, such as many driving jobs with Amazon or FedEx, then work on obtaining your Class A CDL.