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What You Can Expect as a Driver

Wal-mart truck drivers benefit from several perks while working for this reputable company. The ever-growing private fleet of tractors and trailers are well maintained to operate smoothly at all times. The safety of their drivers is highly important to the company. The use of energy and environmentally efficient equipment to deliver millions of products to stores each year aids Wal-mart in paying their drivers well along with giving bonuses. Wal-mart is striving to ensure that all of their equipment is completely Eco-friendly by the year 2015. It will help to reduce 26-billion pounds of carbon dioxide from the air over the next 8 years.

One of the main perks of driving for Wal-mart is that their freight is 100% no touch. This means that drivers do not handle the freight at all, they are paid to drive and safely deliver the products on their trucks to stores nationwide. Another perk is that drivers get paid for their time in the sleeper. Drivers are paid for everything that they do while on the road. Whether it is waiting at a store, dropping a load or waiting on maintenance during a breakdown.

The Application and Hiring Process

Wal-mart is always accepting applications for drivers. Their private fleet is growing all of the time. One of the things you should be aware of prior to applying is what their expectations of the drivers are. The standards are high for this company. The steps of the process may seem to take an extended period of time but it is only so that Wal-mart can ensure that only the best are behind the wheel of the rigs in their fleet.

It may take some time to receive an interview for an open position. The fleet is happy, which keeps them with the company longer, opening up only a few positions each year. There are several steps in the interview process, some of which includes testing along with background checks and extensive checks of driving records. Some drivers go through three separate interviews in the process. Wal-mart is dedicated to having the best-of-the-best in their fleet of private drivers.

What are the Qualifications to Apply?

The Wal-mart company is strict when it comes to experience and delivering their goods to stores nationwide. The list of qualifications is extensive. It is merely to ensure that you are a safe operator and that their equipment is safe for delivery in your hands.

Some of the most important qualifications are:

  • No preventable accidents resulting in a fatality in your lifetime
  • 3 consecutive, and current, years driving a tractor trailer with a minimum of 50,000 miles driven safely in those three years
  • A minimum of 250,000 safe and clean miles driven in your career
  • No preventable DOT recorded accidents at all in the last 3 years
  • No more than 2 moving violations in the previous three years, regardless of the vehicle driven when the violation occurred
  • Absolutely no DUI, DWI or OVI convictions in the last 10 years.

What are the Benefits of Being a Wal-mart Private Fleet Driver?

There are many benefits, other than those already mentioned above. Drivers are home on weekends and at least every two days. Wal-mart prides itself on making sure that drivers have ample time with their families. Drivers and their families can take advantage of the health, dental and vision insurance plans available, which are very affordable.
As a fleet driver, and essentially an employee of Wal-mart, profit sharing is a major benefit. Wal-mart is a leader in the retail industry and makes large profits every year. Another way for them to give back to their employees for their hard work is the profit sharing program.

What do Wal-mart Fleet Drivers Make Per Year?

The average, experience Wal-mart fleet driver earns $71,500 per year. This does not include bonuses and profit sharing. Some drivers earn close to or slightly over $100,000 depending on their time with the company. Cash bonuses as well as profit sharing bonuses are awarded each year. Drivers that are just starting with the company may earn slightly less, but with the benefits packages available even a rookie with the company can live comfortably.

The Daily Grind

Wal-mart does operate on high standards. Communication and precise logs are required. Drivers are expected to keep their documentation current. Different driving options are available as you are with the company longer. Schedules are meant to be kept but safety always comes first.

Drivers can have 7 to 10 hours a day off depending on the option chosen. Equipment must be checked before any tractor trailer leaves the yard. Pre-trip inspections are vital. This can take up to an hour, and should start each day. If any problems are found, they are expected to be reported immediately. After the inspection is complete, it is time for the driver to get on the road and work toward delivering the goods on the truck on time and intact. Of course breaks are expected for using the restroom or stopping to eat, however, as with any job, drivers are expected to drive and do so safely.

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