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Working for UPS or United Parcel Service can be a great job if you are a hard worker. The job is often tedious and requires long hours in the cold, heat, or rain. However, dedicated workers can expect to move up in the company and receive recognition. Being a UPS truck driver is not and easy job, but the salary and benefits is worth it for most.

The training needed to work for UPS depends on the position you are applying for. If you are applying to be a driver for the company, this is no walk in the park. True, they may be a great employer and it may be fun to be outdoors, but it’s also a physically demanding, detailed oriented, and fast-paced position. You must pass the required physical exam and have the ability to drive a standard transmission delivery vehicle. Fortunately, you’ll also have a dependable DIAD or “Delivery Information Acquisition Device” to organize, follow, and plot out your pick-ups and deliveries. That means, smooth sailing all the way, every day.

You must be aware that particular job openings may also require supplementary prerequisites, such as a CDL or Doubles and/or Hazmat DOT endorsements. Additionally, you need to lift and move packages between 20 and more than 65 pounds depending on the shipper.

Union UPS Truck Driver Salary rate for part time work is just over $8.40 an hour for unskilled and slightly over $9.40 an hour for skilled. Full time Truck Driver Pay depends on the union, but usually starts at $14.00 an hour. For many drivers, this pay scale is very different from the OTR Pay they are used to, which is usually always by the mile or a percentage of the freight cost. This is something to consider when thinking about joining on with USP.

Advancement means more pay. However, this is dependent on the district: Part time supervisor’s usually start over $1,100 and up to $1,400 a month depending on the district, full time supervisor’s pay will vary, depending if the position is non-operation or operational. They can usually expect in the range of $48 thousand dollars a year for non-operational. Full time supervisors get an MIP stock option; how much is contingent on the overall success of their department for the year. The end of year bonuses for part time or full time supervisors are nominal, they are heavily taxed and are not based upon amount of hours worked in the year. Many UPS facilities also give bonuses to their driver for things like holidays and Driver of the Month, but this too will vary per terminal.

The outlook for the company is good. The company is growing every year because businesses and individuals have to send packages and UPS is a strong competitor with other similar services, including FedEx and USPS. So, if you should be hired to work as a driver for UPS, you can expect to work hard and in return are treated like a valuable member of the team. UPS is not known for having a very high turnover rate and is one company many drivers end up retiring with.

UPS drivers become part of a union after 30 days, so you will have to pay your dues before your 30 days are up. You can expect to make as many stops a day as possible and to finish the route you are assigned. You will be driving a package truck, day cab, or even a full-size tractor in all types of weather including rain, heat, snow, and ice. The benefits are phenomenal, but keep in mind, you will definitely work for it.

UPS truck driver jobs are in demand and they always need new recruits and seasoned veterans, so if you are interested follow the link below and check them out. Best of luck with your career.

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