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Top Ten Trucking SubReddits and Reddit Categories

Alltruckings Top 10 SubReddits and Reddit Categories for Truck Drivers

Let’s say you want to follow the latest discussions and social media buzz about the trucking life, industry, news, and other related content. And let’s say you also wanted to chronicle your experiences on the road for others to learn from, laugh along with, or find useful. There are many trucking SubReddit and Reddit categories that relate to the industry. We list 10 of them below, but if you have any suggestions we can use, please pass them along!

1.) CargoNews.

If you want a SubReddit about trucking where you can learn the latest news in shipping cargo, and learn what others are saying in this industry, this is your SubReddit. Although you may find very little concerning your area, this category can give you a broad base of knowledge about your industry that can be useful no matter where you are.

2.) Trucking Stuff.

Every want to browse “stuff’ about trucking, but not sure where to start? This is a great place to find a wide assortment of news and information, as well as funny stories from drivers all over the world.

3.) TruckersLounge.

This VIP club is a private SubReddit, so you’ll have to ask permission to gain access to their posts about “all things trucking whether it be a question about trucking, talking about your day or sharing your tall tales.”

4.) Transportation.

Even though this is a broad topic, drivers in the trucking industry can find a lot of relevant information and stories in these posts. Plus, if you’re interested in transportation in general you may find many of these articles interesting, even if it’s about an area of transportation that doesn’t relate to trucking.

5.) Supply Chain.

If you are interested in reading trucking subreddits about the supply chain industry as a whole, then this SubReddit will have lots of industry news and info for you to absorb.

6.) Diesel.

Do you dig compression motors? Of course you do! This category covers “all things diesel”, which is an interest to truck drivers who may also have diesel mechanic skills.

7.) Truckingjobs.

So you want to find a trucking job, news about employment, or information about carriers? This SubReddit has many listings for jobs, schools and other posts that relate to getting a job in trucking.

8.) Trucking.

If you aren’t sure where to start, go here for all kinds of trucking related information. Sometimes, writers will even ask for help from drivers who have experience on the road and may advise for routes and other topics.

9.) Trucking Fails.

Okay, sometimes you need to laugh, and sometimes you need to be reminded of the importance of safe driving. This SubReddit chronicles the fails in the trucking world.

10.) Roadtrip.

Why would we put this SubReddit for truckers on here? Because road trips are the closest some people come to working in the trucking industry, and sometimes truckers feel like they’re on a 24/7 road trip. So why not be a part of the conversation and lend your thoughts and opinions when you can. This is another subreddit where you may be able to give good advice to people who aren’t as road savvy as you are!

Do you have a favorite SubReddit about trucking that we left off this list? Please let us know so we can pass expand our list of places for truckers to feel at home on Reddit!