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Top Ten Trucking Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Ten Trucking Twitter Accounts You absolutely Must Follow

According to a 2013 article by AdWeek, a world-renowned advertising publication, 68% of trucking companies use social media. The same article states that two-thirds of those companies use Twitter. There can be several reasons for a transportation company to have a presence on this platform. Even though it may not seem like an industry that is going to generate a lot of online buzz, those in the industry can share important information about traffic, jobs, employers, and politically charged topics. Looking for truck driver social media accounts?

Twitter also offers a real-time experience that can make for a quick fix of communication when you’re having a moment of loneliness on the road. That’s why we’re going to let you know our current top 10 trucking companies you should be following on Twitter…

1.) American Trucking Organization

. There is a reason why this organization has an abundance of truck driver twitter followers: they are one of the biggest driver advocates, with plenty of information about the industry. They claim to be the ‘voice of the industry’ for a reason. Give em a follow and find out why!

2.) Women in Trucking.

We’re going to put this near the top of the list trucking companies on Twitter because we think there should be more promotion for women to enter this occupation. We could use more women drivers for the same reason why we need more male nurses: it helps improve every industry when we have a diverse workforce contributing to as many roles as possible.

3.) Robbie Whelan.

This Wall Street Journal reporter covers the logistics and supply-chain industry. Sometimes he mixes it up, but always keeps it interest. This is a good source for industry-related news that can be fun to read while you’re taking a break. If you want links to great news sources about supply/chain information, he’ll take care of you.

4.) Transport & Infrastructure Committee.

This account will give you a history lesson in transportation that won’t make you feel like you’re sitting in class. Instead, you’ll feel like your grandpa is telling you an old story about the good ol days. You’ll feel good about working in the industry if you keep up with this account.

5.) Logistics Viewpoints.

This is the Twitter account for the online site for logistics news. If you want to keep up with hot industry topics, go ahead and ‘follow’ this account. Want to know how to re-model your supply chains after Brexit? Or find out management tips for success? They have it all.

6.) Wheaton Moving.

This is a good trucking twitter account to follow if you are trying to learn how to build your own trucking Twitter strategy. They prove that even a moving company can promote engaging content that informs and pulls the heartstrings.

7.) Overdrive Magazine.

They bill themselves as the “voice of the American trucker”. They have beautiful pics and great tweets. We say give em a follow! The best thing about this trucking twitter account is the have great access to their magazine and all the useful content they provide. For instance, this article about Truckers Report.

This “network of professional truck drivers” is a web of personalities and news that all kinds of truck drivers can enjoy. Plus, they have practice CDL tests on their site that can help truckers who are new to the industry get ready to hit the road – for free! Seriously, jump on over and take your practice air brakes test, HAZMAT test, or your combination vehicle test for the heck of it.

9.) Inbound Logistics.

This is a great resource for companies that want to “match demand to supply and orient operations to support that shift.” They have news that all workers in the industry can find helpful. Like other accounts on our list, they have a great website with tons of content for all aspects of the industry. Want to read white papers with the latest data? Want to use a great Inbound logistics planner app? Head on over and give them a follow!

10.) Heavy Duty Trucking.

This is the Twitter account for Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, which specializes in news about the fleet business. There is a reason why this account has over 20K followers who stem from all over the industry. They regularly update their account and communicate with many other trucking Twitter users that will give you even more ideas for accounts to follow.

Surely we left out some of your favorite trucking companies on Twitter??? Let us know if you have good twitter accounts to follow for truckers!