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Top Ten Truckers to Follow on Instagram

Here are Alltruckings Top Instragrams to Follow

We can’t think of a better use of social media for truckers to use than Instagram. This photo app is perfect for showcasing life on the road: from scenic views to products being shipped, infographs about the industry and other relevant content that fits the context of the app. If you are one of the many truckers on IG and want to know who to follow in the industry on this channel, check out our list of the top ten to follow right now…

1.) Twisted Truckers.

If you need a laugh sometimes, then you need to follow this account. They also have a Facebook page they promote that you might as well check out as well. The memes they post alone are worth following this account. If you want a good Chris Farley and Trucking themed meme, your wait is over.

2.) Big Cat Trucker.

This online and television personality was made famous on the Travel Channel in 2009, chronicling his career in the trucking industry. He also has plenty of videos on YouTube and is never boring to watch. He focuses mostly on driving in the Southwest in his travels. But with his years of fame, who knows what he’ll be up to next or where he’ll go next?

3.) Healthy Trucker.

This Instagram trucking account is inspired by the popular website which encourages truckers and their families to care about health. We can’t say enough about the need for promotion of healthier living while working a truck-driving career. They have articles online about healthier foods, how to stop back and neck pain, and how to stay hydrated in the summer heat.

4.) sassykattsworld.

This account is managed by a “truckers wife traveling, living life, capturing the moments along the way with a cell phone.” She has sweet posts that will make you pause in an otherwise non-stop workday. We love the concept of this account so much. You always think of trucking as a lonely life away from your family. But this account proves the couple that hits the road together can withstand any weather.

5.) truckersjourney.

This trucking account on Instagram is run by an owner operator who drives cross-country. His imagery is a great mix of light-hearted and serious. If you want to beef up good trucking content in your feed, you need to follow along on this trucker’s journey for sure.

6.) carebear49er.

She is along for the ride with her partner who drives an 18-wheeler. Her photography shows what it’s really like living with your loved one and committing to the trucking life. She proves that some folks are just meant to live the life away from home. It’s an opportunity to explore the world, as this account shows through engaging photography.

7.) rickraff030.

Sure, you might not be able to speak German, but Instagram is for visuals anyway. This account doesn’t need words for trucking fans and drivers to appreciate. If you just want to kick back and enjoy scenic views, or brush up on your German while you’re at it, maybe you can paste the post content into your online translator. We don’t think you’ll find it necessary though.

8.) Shannon Royce.

She is a photographer who captures the trucking life beautifully while sitting shotgun in her husband’s rig. If you want to follow someone who mixes it up with big rigs, healthy (and sometimes not) road food, and other downhome stuff, this is a must-follow.

9.) vanilla_truckergal_niners4eva.

We know, the majority of trucking IG accounts are women rock stars! Sure, there are plenty of dude’s who represent on instagram, but this truckergal travels the country from coast to coast, documenting her trucking life.

10.) onegirltrucking.

We are going to close out our list with an Instagram account that will make you feel like you’re viewing a slice of Americana. Bethany, the trucker who runs this account, also shows off her natural living skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle that our industry needs to promote more of!

Do you have favorite trucking accounts on Instagram that show what the trucking life is life? Share them with us!