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Top News in Truck Driving Jobs for 2016

Here is the Top News in Truck Driving Jobs for 2016

2015 was a great year for the trucking industry. The industry as a whole saw huge growth, which meant more miles and more money for truck drivers like you. Heading into 2016, what does the field of truck driving have in store? Learn more about some of the biggest stories in truck driving jobs for 2016.

Record Number of Trucking Jobs in January of 2016

The year 2016 started off strong, carrying forward the success of the industry in 2015. Employment statistics across the country show that for-hire trucking employment reached an all-time high in January 2016 (Fleet Owner, 2016).

In January 2016, there were 17,700 more trucking jobs than in January 2015. As a result, over 1.4 million truck driving jobs are currently driving the American economy. This reflects an 18.8 increase over the amount of trucking jobs in March 2010, when the national economy hit its low.

High Turnover in the Trucking Industry Making Companies Desperate

Trucking is a community, so when companies struggle, everyone needs to pitch in and contribute. Company owners report extremely high turnover rates, going so far as to call it a driver exodus (JOC, 2016). This is due to cost increases and regulations that would cut trucking capacity by 15%.

While this may be a challenge for company owners, it may be the opportunity you need in your trucking career. Take this opportunity to look into every truck job in your area.
You may find one that better fits your schedule, offers good benefits, or has more miles to offer you. The greatest variety of truck jobs are open to those with experience and license endorsements, but you could still find plenty of options as a new driver.

Aging Workforce Leads to Truck Driver Shortage

A recent report from Money Magazine claims that truck driving salaries have been following an impressive trend of increasing 8% to 12% per year (2016). If that’s not enough to make you start looking into truck driving job openings, consider the growing demand for drivers. The same article reports on the industry wide shortage, which has left local and national employers struggling to fill 48,000 jobs. This massive shortage may increase to 175,000 jobs by 2024 (Money, 2016).

The average age for a truck driver is 49, seven years higher than the average age of all workers. As these truck drivers retire, continuing growth in the industry and a sudden loss of skilled drivers may leave companies scrambling.

The challenge, according to company owners, is finding qualified applicants. There are applicants for truck driving jobs, but few have the qualifications needed to meet some of the most in demand positions. What does this mean for you as you look for truck driving jobs? Find out what the industry wants and then provide it. Whether that means adding an endorsement to your license, getting the next higher license class, or getting experience in a new industry, taking these steps may put you in a position to pursue new opportunities in coming years.

The Wave Walmart Truck

Some people look for a job driving because they just love trucks. If you’re into the technology side of this field, the Wave (Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience) could send you in search of Walmart driving jobs. This vehicle’s technology is expected to multiply the fuel efficiency of the company’s trucking fleet in just one year (Financial Prospect, 2016). Some of the features that set this truck apart from others include a microturbine, a streamlined appearance that has 20% less drag, hybrid technology, and an advanced cockpit. If you’re up for learning new driving skills and staying up-to-date on changing technology, finding truck driving jobs may be much easier for you.

FedEx Building New Distribution Centers

FedEx, which holds spot #12 on FORTUNE’s Most Admired Companies list, is all about expanding. New distribution centers are popping up all over the United States, and new distribution centers bring new job opportunities. The latest expansion at this company is an $18.5 million Ohio distribution center (TT News, 2016). Employment estimates show that this company could employ at least 195 people per shift, a huge boost to the local trucking industry and a great opportunity if you’re interested in FedEx trucking jobs.

Part of learning how to get a driving job is knowing what the industry is doing. Throughout your job search, trucking companies may be looking for different skill sets, schedules, and endorsements. Whether you’re applying for NASCAR truck driving jobs or local delivery jobs, find out what’s open in your area and start applying for jobs CDL drivers want.