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Top 5 Trucking Companies that Allow Pets

Top 5 Pet Friendly Trucking Companies

Being an over-the-road truck driver can be lonely, especially if you take routes that require you to be away from home for weeks at a time. This type of schedule can also make it difficult to have pets, since few people have friends or family willing to pet sit almost every day.

Luckily, more trucking companies are starting to let their drivers take pets on the road with them. This keeps you from getting lonely on the road, minimizes pet care expenses, and can help you enjoy your career more.

However, some “pet friendly” companies aren’t very practical choices for pet owners. Whether they require deposits of more than $2000, take money off of your base pay, or otherwise penalize you for having a pet, these companies might not be your best choice. Instead, check out this list of trucking companies that allow pets.

Psychological and Physical Benefits for Truck Drivers Taking a Pet on the Road

Your four legged companion is more than just a happy rider as you make your routes. They can also be the difference in better overall mental and physical health. According to the CDC (Centers of disease Control and Prevention) owning at least one pet can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels. As well as controlling these important health factors through simply interacting with pets, the natural process of owning a pet through walks and bathroom breaks gives you the driver a chance to get up and move around way more than a typical driver would. Many drivers before having a pet will run their route as fast many times with little to no breaks in between. Dogs need to be let out multiple times a day letting the driver get and walk around as they take care of their pet. Many drivers feel loneness on the road and owning a pet has shown to help out there as well. Drivers who own a pet feel less stressed and more focused When caught in a stressful jam drivers have mentioned pets being a positive outlet and a source peace.

Tips for Pet Proofing your Truck for the Road.

When you find a company that lets you bring your pet there are a few things you should do to make life on the road better for the both of you.
• Block of access to the driver area of the cab, especially the pedals. Nothing would be worse than having an accident because you weren’t able to stop because of your pet.
• Find storage and safe keeping for trash, food, and medicine. Basically anything that you think your pet can get into needs to be put away.
• Give you pet some space! Although you are blocking off the driver area you still need to give your companion somewhere to move around in-between breaks.

1. Roehl Transport

This company has an entire community built around pet-owning truck drivers. On their Facebook page, they regularly run stories about drivers and their companions in a feature called Pawsitively Roehl. To drive with your pet for Roehl Transport, your pet must be spayed or neutered. Your truck includes a special waste receptacle and Roehl terminals include pet runs that let your dog get some exercise.

2. LTI Trucking Services

If you talk to other drivers, LTI Trucking Services consistently comes up as one of the best pet friendly trucking companies. They report that almost 40% of their drivers bring a pet with them on the road. They allow dogs and cats up to 60 pounds, although they do make exceptions. In fact, the company recently allowed a driver to bring his talking parrot along on his route.

Deposits are a given at any pet friendly trucking company, but LTI Trucking Services is known for charging minimal pet deposits that are refundable when you stop driving for the company.

3. J.B. Hunt

If you want to drive for J.B. Hunt, you can bring along your pet dog that weighs 60 pounds or less. However, this company does have a policy against any aggressive breeds, a specification you may want to discuss with your recruiter if you apply. To bring your pet on the road with you, you must pay a $300 pet deposit.

4. Interstate Distributor

Of all the companies on this list, Interstate Distributor is the only company that allows you to bring two pets with you when you are driving. When you sign on with this company, you sign a Pet Agreement that outlines the expectations that come with traveling with your pets. Trucking yards at Interstate Distributor have room for pets. This gives you a place to put your animals when you are inside doing business, rather than leaving them in your truck.

5. Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation is a national company that lets drivers travel with one dog or cat. They do have a weight limit of 30 pounds for any pet. Before your pet rides with you, you must pay a $400 deposit. $200 of this may be refunded to you when you stop driving for the company.

Traveling with a pet is a big responsibility. Make sure you are prepared to meet your pet’s food, waste, and exercise needs before you take them on a long trip with you. If you are ready to see the country with your pet by your side, look into job openings at these five companies.