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Regional Truck Driving Jobs in America

As a professional truck driver, you may be looking for balance. You want to spend time on the road and get familiar with your assigned routes, but you also want to return home on a fairly regular basis. If you’re looking for a truck driving career that offers the best of local truck driving jobs and over-the-road truck driving jobs, consider applying for regional truck driving jobs.

Regional truck driving jobs may take you to other states in your area, but you don’t take on long hauls that keep you away from home for weeks at a time. Rather, each of your trips may last one week or less. Much depends on how long you drive each day and how favorable weather conditions are. Federal restrictions limit you to 11 hours of work per day, so you may complete your trips in less time if you make the most of your 11 hours.

If you take on a regional truck driving job, you may work as a solo driver or a team driver. As a solo driver, you’re responsible for completing each of your trips on your own. When you turn in at the end of each day, you may stop at a truck stop or rest stop and sleep in your sleeper berth for at least seven hours. If you are part of a driving team, you may rarely stop the truck at all. Instead, everyone on the team takes turns driving and sleeping. As a result, you may cover more miles in less time. Team jobs may pay less per mile, but since you get paid for everyone’s miles, you may earn a higher salary.