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Letting Off Steam: Best Trucking Rants

Best Trucking Rants You Need to Hear

Look, we obviously love the trucking industry as much as anyone, and more than most. That’s why we also know that the trucking industry has its shares of ups and downs, just like any occupation or industry. If you work in trucking, then you probably know there are many trucking video personalities that sit behind the wheel and keep our industry moving.

Fortunately, with innovations in technology and our addiction to social media, we have seen some hilarious truck driver rant videos with rants about the industry, life on the road in general, and many other topics. Of course, we did come across some videos that were a bit too offensive for us to refer you to. But if you really want to find those, trust me, they aren’t hard to find. 🙂

1.) Little Guy Trucker

Okay, if you want the unfiltered thoughts and opinions of the one of the funniest truck vloggers online, go visit Little Guy Trucker. He has video rants about several topics, including finding the best trucking company, what he thinks about news stories related to the industry, and other subjects. If you’re looking for a library of trucking rants and stories, he’s your man.

2.) Truckie boss goes off his chops

. This gem comes to us from Australia. In this rant the boss of a trucking company goes off on politicians and rattles off his wishes for improved conditions and respect to those who work in the industry. The boss does such a good job that he could pass as a hired actor. Watching this video would make any driver want to work for him. If every boss were like him, our industry might have 0% turnover.

3.) Truckers Image: Flip Flops??!?????!!!!

Want to watch an offbeat take on one truck driver’s views on flip-flops for truckers? This is a hilarious rant about why you should be professional, even in an industry that is more blue jeans than blazer. The monologue just gets better and better as he keeps going, making several professional and practical reasons against open-toed sandals at work. We think the funniest part about this is that the driver actually exhibits true passion for his opinion of this seemingly small matter.

4.) Arthur the “lorry” driver.

Let’s take another trip overseas. This time to the United Kingdom where this fine gentlemen made the news for his trucking rants, which are mostly sparked by congested traffic. If you want to see how you can draw attention to yourself, traffic issues, and give people a good laugh, study his collection of videos and you’ll be going ‘viral’ in no time!

Do you have a favorite trucking industry video rant or one of your own that you want us to share? Let us know!