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Getting Back on the Road: Best CDL Refresher Courses

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The amount of work that goes into driving a commercial truck is pretty crazy. As a CDL holder, you probably already know that. If you don’t use your CDL for a period of time, it’s easy to forget skills and laws that dictate your time on the road. Unfortunately, going too long without a truck driving job may make companies hesitant to hire you.

A CDL refresher course is the solution. If you’re ready to get back on the road, learn about some of the best refresher courses available around the country.

In-House Courses

When you first got your CDL, you may have completed your training with a school or through a truck driving company. Regardless of what you did then, you should definitely consider going with an in-house program now. At a truck driving school, you’ll likely end up paying out-of-pocket for a refresher course.

With a refresher program at a trucking company, you generally don’t have to pay anything as long as you work with the company for a set period of time after graduation. Free training and a trucking job waiting for you when you’re done—what else could you want?


Averitt is one of the largest trucking companies in the country, and they seem to always be looking for drivers. Since they require experience for many of their positions, new drivers may not be able to apply for postings right away. With their refresher program, though, a fairly new driver or a driver who hasn’t used their CDL in a long time can get ready for an Averitt career. Programs last between one and five weeks. You must have at least of four months driving experience to qualify for a refresher course. Upon graduation, you may be in a great position to transition into an Averitt job.

FFE Transportation

FFE Transportation is another well-known option among trucking companies with refresher courses. The course lasts 14 days, but you do have to meet specific requirements to take it. You need a clean driving record for at least the past three years and a current commercial driver’s license. This course is also open to drivers with less than one year of driving experience. As you near the end of your course, you can start looking into job openings with FFE Transportation.

US Truck

Getting a job with US Truck gives you an “in” into the trucking industry. This is one of the biggest and most well-known companies in the country, and it’s also one of the largest trucking companies with refresher courses.

Their refresher courses are intended for drivers with some commercial driving experience. The course you enroll in depends on how much experience you have, how long it’s been since you’ve used your CDL, and what class of license you have. Courses range from a few hours of review to a full 40 hours of training. When you complete your training, you can take advantage of US Truck’s job placement assistance.

Western Express

There’s no way you haven’t heard of Western Express. They’ve got major pull in the trucking industry, so finishing your CDL refresher course here may help you quickly build up a strong CV.

Western Express offers two training courses, each one suited to a different type of driver. Both include two days of orientation, one day of classroom learning, and one day of behind-the-wheel training. Both require a nine-month employment agreement.
The first course is meant for people who have at least three months of driving experience but have not driven commercially in over three years. After your four days of training, you get started in a team driving career.

The second option is for drivers who have a CDL but have never used it. You must have had your CDL for at least one year to qualify. Upon finishing your four days of training, you drive with a trainer for 20 days of paid training. You may then get into a team driving position with Western Express.

If you have a CDL but haven’t used it enough to really get into the job field, you may not have to redo your training! Check out the CDL refresher programs to find out what can get you the practice you need to start working.