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Choosing the Top US Trucking Companies to Drive For

Top US Trucking Companies to Drive For

For lots of drivers, the problem isn’t finding trucking jobs—it’s effectively narrowing them down. There are so many semi-truck companies around the United States that you can get overwhelmed trying to compare them. Keep reading to learn more about your options and find out how to pick the top US trucking companies that treat their drivers well.

Retail Stores: Costco and Walmart

Some truck drivers, particularly those that are new to the industry, forget that trucking jobs aren’t only offered at truck driving companies. Many larger generic companies rely on truck drivers to shift their goods, and they create enough business that they cannot rely on outside companies to do it.

Costco and Walmart are consistently listed among the top 50 truck driving companies in the country. In particular, Costco is extremely popular in the transportation industry because of its competitive benefits, fair pay structure, and dedication to hiring quality drivers. Costco only hires Class A drivers with five years or more experience, so it may be a long-term goal for some drivers.

Shipping: UPS and FedEx

Shipping companies are another source of stable employment for some of the best truck jobs. FedEx is ranked as one of the top 100 companies in the United States to work for and it consistently gets strong recommendations from its employees. UPS, which employs thousands of truck drivers, is the single largest package deliverer in the world. Since these jobs often require you to stick to a strict delivery schedule, you must enjoy working in a fast-paced environment to really thrive in this environment.

National Companies: J.B. Hunt Transportation Services, Old Dominion Freight Line, and Schneider

Many of the best transportation companies are national truck driving companies. In terms of employee ratings, JB Hunt Transportation Services, Old Dominion Freight Line, and Schneider all provide unique benefits to drivers.

JB Hunt is a company with a long history of excellence in the United States, dating back to 1961. Employees report that it offers a positive workplace culture and strong workplace values. This company is a major force in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Old Dominion Freight Line is one of the most recognized names in trucking. Its customers fall into five major industry groups, which keeps the company stable and diverse. Employees rate this company highly because of the variety of hauls and schedules available.

Schneider is one of the most reliable trucking companies, with over 80 years of experience in this industry. Furthermore, it owns many other trucking firms and has a strong internal training network for new drivers.

Local and Regional Companies

As you look for driving jobs, take a look at small trucking companies in your city or state. These companies may get overlooked in favor of national semi truck companies, but they have a lot to offer drivers. For example, Southeastern Freight Lines is often one of the top-rated trucking companies in the country. It is a family owned company that receives high marks for compensation, benefits, and workplace values.

While looking for a great position at a USA trucking company, remember these companies and why their drivers are loyal to them. Think about what’s important to you in your career and use your interview time to find out how well a company can meet your needs.