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The Best Truck Seats For Driving Over the Road

Alltrucking’s Semi Truck Seats Review

As a truck driver, you can legally drive up to 11 hours in a 14-hour period after getting at least 10 hours of rest. That is a lot of time spent sitting, so you may as well be comfortable when you’re in the driver’s seat. If you own your truck, you can make upgrades and alterations to it as you wish, as long as your truck remains legal for commercial driving purposes.

One of the best ways to make your driving experience more comfortable is to have a new seat installed in your truck. There are dozens of seat manufacturers that produce high-end seats with ergonomic features and adjustable options. Keep reading to find out about some of the best semi seats for truck drivers.

Knoedler Fleethawk Truck Seat

Knoedler makes a diverse line of highway semi seats for truck drivers. They vary quite a bit in price, so you should be able to find options that fit your budget. Their seats generally fall into two categories: on-highway and luxury on-highway.

The Fleethawk looks more like an armchair you would relax in at home than it does a driver’s seat. The seat cushions are contoured for proper ergonomic posture, and they are padded with foam for comfort on long drives. This seat features built-in lumbar support, which minimizes the back and neck pain you suffer after a long day of driving.

The side bolsters provide additional protection to your back and prevent leaning.
Whether you are tall or on the shorter side, this seat is an option to consider. The seat cushion accommodates three positions for drivers of various heights. The backrest fully reclines for comfortable naps and stretching.

Bostrom Pro Ride Truck Seat

Bostrom Seating specializes in commercial trucking seats, so there are multiple options regardless of your budget, height, and truck model. The Bostrom Pro Ride comes with features that minimize back pain, maintain equilibrium on bumpy roads, and reduce fatigue. The trim comes in cloth or leather for easy driving in any climate.

This seat utilizes the Flex Support System, which cushions your back and reduces the stress placed on your hips while driving. Adjustable arms allow you to keep your arms in any position that you prefer, while the cushion tilt accommodates various heights and driving positions.

Enjoy an easy driving environment with the Isolating Air Suspension used in Pro Ride seats. This keeps your seat even and stable on uneven roads and in poor weather conditions.

National Premium Truck Seat

The National Premium 2000, a deluxe version of the National 2000 seat, includes almost every feature you could want in a truck seat. It features air suspension for safe and stable driving in any condition. The top part of the seat boasts a contoured cushion, which supports ergonomic posture and helps you avoid back strain.

One of the best features of this seat is the BackCycler system. Located on the upper portion of the seat, this system steadily and constantly inflates and deflates. This keeps your back moving throughout the day, minimizing pain and keeping pressure from building up on any one part of your back.

Bose Ride Truck Seat

Though Bose is known for its speakers and electronics, it is also one of the most respected truck seat manufacturers in the United States. These seats are on the high end of the price range, so they may be a splurge. The seat cushion is 22 inches wide, providing a comfortable base for drivers of various builds and sizes. Move the seat cushion to three different positions that accommodate your height and ideal tilt angle. The arm rests have separate height adjustment controls for a completely customizable driving experience.
In terms of ergonomics, this seat comes with individually controlled lower and upper lumbar supports. In addition, you can recline the seat up to 26 degrees.

A high-quality seat is an investment in your career. It may help you get more miles in, improve your health and strength, and let you get more enjoyment out of your driving time. Try these four options and other models to find one that suits you.