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Local Truck Driving Jobs

Angela Reed - 10/22/2021

Local Truck Driving Career Overview Commercial truck driving careers include a variety of options and types to suit your individual goals and personal preferences. If you’re interested in driving a truck for a living but want to be able to return home every day, consider putting your driving skills to use in a local truck […]

LTL Driving Jobs

Angela Reed - 10/01/2021

LTL Truck Driving Jobs If you’re considering becoming a truck driver or are already in the profession but looking for a better work-life balance, LTL truck driving might be the right fit for you. Learn more about what LTL drivers do, what endorsements you need for LTL trucking jobs, how much you can expect to […]

Tanker Truck Driver Jobs

Angela Reed - 09/20/2021

Tanker Truck Driver Jobs Whether you’re looking to start your career in trucking or have been driving for some time and want to upskill and earn more money, becoming a tanker truck driver can give you the challenge and pay you’re looking for. Find out more about tanker truck driver jobs, including pros and cons, […]

An Introduction to Flatbed Truck Driving Jobs The majority of loads truck drivers haul can be easily transported using tractor-trailers. However, some goods need alternative transportation because of their size and shape. In these cases, companies turn to flatbed truck drivers. Learn about flatbed truck driver jobs, including pros and cons, flatbed driver salaries, license […]

Spotlight on Human Trafficking: How to Join the Fight According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 24.9 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking. However, what’s surprising to many is that trafficking isn’t just isolated to a few hard-hit countries—it happens in every region of the world, including industrialized and developed societies. In fact, […]

Driving with A Criminal Record

Angela Reed - 08/16/2021

How to Become a Truck Driver if You Have a Criminal Record Truck driving can be a great way for individuals who have been through the justice system to re-enter the workforce, feel like productive members of society, and earn a livable wage. Commercial driving not only gives people with a criminal record a chance […]

Women in Underrepresented Careers

Angela Reed - 08/02/2021

Like a Boss: Women in Trade Jobs Women make up more than half of the American workforce (53.1% in August 2021) but are still underrepresented in many careers, especially so-called “blue-collar” vocations. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), in 2013, women accounted for just 7.3% of all craft workers—including construction workers, electricians, […]

Class A CDL: What It Is and How to Get One The Class A commercial driver’s license (Class A CDL) is the broadest type of commercial driver’s license in all states. Read on to learn what distinguishes a CDL A from other commercial driver’s licenses and how to get a Class A CDL, including common […]

How to Pay for Truck Driving School Truck driving programs are generally less expensive to complete than college degrees. However, the out-of-pocket costs could still be prohibitive for many. Even if the costs aren’t holding you back, who doesn’t like saving money? This article explains how much you can expect to pay for commercial driver’s […]

Truck Driving Jobs Without a CDL If the idea of getting paid to drive appeals to you, but you aren’t interested in driving extremely large vehicles or being away from home for long periods, a trucking position that doesn’t require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) may be right for you. This article discusses what a […]