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20 Best Truck Driving Companies to Drive For in 2016

Read Below and Discover the Best Truck Driving Companies for 2016

Running a truck driving company or fleet is a balancing act. A good owner has to keep drivers happy while satisfying customers and building repeat business. This can be tough, which is why the TCA runs the Best Fleets to Drive For awards. Every year, the TCA takes recommendations from members and evaluates companies based on training programs, driver satisfaction levels, safety reports, and driver retention. From those scores, they select the 20 best fleets every year.

Keep reading to learn about the 20 fleets that made the list in 2015.

FTC Transportation Inc

Located in Oklahoma City, FTC Transportation made the list because of its dedication to its drivers’ quality of life. Company drivers enjoy 11 paid holidays per year and multiple weeks of vacation. FTC Transportation has a very high Facebook rating. Most companies have a pretty mixed outlook on from the reviews but FTC is a strong 4.8/5.0 stars.

Bison Transport

Bison Transport maintains its headquarters in Manitoba, where it employs almost 1800 drivers. Executives realize that drivers are what keeps the company running, so they have many committees focused on the driver experience, including committees on workflow efficiency and wellness. The Truckers Report Has a great collection of reviews praising Bison Transport.

Bay and Bay Transportation

Bay and Bay Transportation employs 500 drivers at its Eagan, Minnesota facility. They achieved the largest CSA improvement in the company’s history by creating an extensive coaching program and a benchmarking process.

Boyle Transportation

Higher education is expensive, and Boyle Transportation understands the financial burden of drivers with college-age children. They offer a tuition grant of $2500 per year for each of a driver’s children whom are enrolled in college or university.

Central Oregon Trucking Company

Central Oregon Trucking Company invests in its drivers’ training and confidence, earning a spot on the 2015 list. Their Redmond, Oregon facility includes an indoor load securement training facility for new hires.

Challenger Motor Freight Inc.

Drivers who feel valued by their company are more likely to stay with their company. Challenger Motor Freight, based in Ontario, employs almost 1000 drivers. This fleet hosts weekly roundtable meetings to ensure that drivers know what’s going on in the company and to give managers a chance to listen to drivers’ concerns.

Erb Group

It can be tough to keep up with a truck driver’s clothing needs, especially if your hauls take you all over the country. Ontario-based Erb Group provides each driver with an annual clothing stipend that covers a winter coat, hats, a spring jacket, and enough shirts for a full week.

Fremont Contract Carriers

Fremont Contract Carriers is a Nebraska trucking fleet that keeps its customers happy by keeping its drivers happy. Executives regularly survey drivers to get information on their preferences, interests, and needs. One of these surveys found that many drivers were interested in satellite radio, and now all trucks include satellite radio.

Grand Island Express Inc.

Grand Island Express listens to drivers’ feedback by asking them to rate each load right after delivery, a tool that allows the company to improve their planning process and communicate expectations to customers.

Halves Lines

Home time is a big priority for most drivers, which is why Halves Lines invested in full-feature terminals close to where most of their drivers live. This allows drivers to stay closer to home and get more out of their home time.

Interstate Distributor

Interstate Distributor minimizes the amount of time a driver loses to truck repairs with its maintenance management system. This system provides a direct communication line between each truck and the repair shop, so the shop knows exactly what needs to be done by the time the truck arrives.

Kriska Holdings Limited

Kriska Holdings Limited makes the safety of its drivers a priority. The company recently collaborated with its largest client to create a safe haven project, which provides drivers with secure overnight parking and eliminates the struggle of finding a truck stop each night.

Landstar System

Landstar System, which works primarily with contractors, makes it easy for drivers to use their time as efficiently as possible. Four times per year, the company hosts roundtable meetings throughout the country to allow contractors to share tips.

Melton Truck Lines

More than 1000 drivers at Melton Truck Lines can now take better care of their health and extend more health services to their families. The company has health and dental clinics at numerous terminals, making it easy for drivers and family members to take care of minor and preventive issues. Melton has a great reputation all around, and boasts an impressive pay grade for its drivers.

Motor Carrier Service

Over-the-road routes can be draining for drivers. Motor Carrier Service, located in Ohio, found out through feedback that drivers largely preferred shorter hauls. They changed their schedule and hauls accordingly.

Nussbaum Transportation

Nussbaum Transportation executives call random truck drivers each week. During these calls, they discuss issues and get driver feedback. This feedback is used to make policy decisions throughout the company.

Paramount Freight Systems

Over the last year, Paramount Freight Systems has shifted its business model into a dedicated model, allowing drivers to enjoy the security of dedicated routes. This means that drivers get to return home each night without losing miles or pay.

Prime Inc.

Springfield, Missouri company Prime Inc. employs roughly 7000 drivers. They keep over one dozen vendors on-site, giving drivers the chance to learn about products and ask questions of the vendors.

TLD Logistics Services

TLD Logistics Services created the Plan-Do-Check-Act process. This process tracks a problem all the way to its roots, allowing executives to quickly address and solve issues. The process saves time and allows drivers to enjoy prompt solutions to their problems.

TransPro Freight Systems

Ontario company TransPro Freight Systems installed dash cams in all trucks in 2015. This includes company and owner-operator trucks. This investment provides drivers with greater confidence and security.

If you put in hundreds or thousands of miles for your company every week, you want to know that they are invested in your success and happiness. These 20 fleets chosen by TCA use different strategies to listen to drivers, maximize their home time, and make their driving time more enjoyable.