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Top 10 Phone Apps for Truck Drivers on the Road

Sure, you could work as a truck driver without a smartphone, but why would you want to? An Android smartphone or iPhone can help you drive more safely, make better use of your road time, improve your health, and keep you in contact with loved ones.
As the trucking industry embraces new technology some eye popping statistics show if you aren’t trying to integrate some technology into your life, you will get left behind. In a recent study by Uship where 6,000 owner operators were surveyed about their cell phone usage on the road, some clear conclusions we made about truck drivers and mobile devices.

  • 33% of transporters use mobile applications to monitor the weather, check gas prices, and other traffic conditions on the road.
  • Only 18% of the surveyed said they use their laptop more than their phone.
  • Another survey by Randalleilly shows a majority of company drivers use Facebook, around 60% of those 50 and younger.

There are hundreds of trucking apps available for Apple and Android devices. Download these options before you head out on your next haul.

Trucker Tools

Created by Overdrive, this app is more like a collection of mini apps that are made to make your life easier. Need to plan a route out before you head out. Trucker Tools can help you find your favorite truck stop, weigh stations, and weather forecasts to prepare for the road ahead. The app also has a digital copy of overdrive built into the usability so drivers can keep up with the latest news.

FleetSafer Mobile

Texting and driving is a bad habit that can have deadly consequences. If text message alerts tempt you to look at your phone for even a second, get rid of temptation with this app. It turns off email and text notifications while you are driving and allows you to automatically respond with an “I’m driving” message to people trying to contact you.

My Fitness Pal

Although this isn’t technically a trucking app, it addresses one of the biggest challenges that truck drivers face: physical health. Days spent on the road can increase your intake of unhealthy foods, restrict your exercise options, and leave you feeling sluggish.

With the free My Fitness Pal app, you can track your daily food intake and find out exactly how many calories, carbohydrates, fat grams, and sugar grams you are eating and drinking. The exercise portion of the app keeps track of your physical activity and tells you how many calories you burn. You can even keep a record of in-truck exercises you do, such as sit-ups or crunches, to find out how many calories you are burning.

Gas Buddy

If you’re paying for gas out of your own pocket, spending a few cents more per gallon can add up quickly. Gas Buddy uses your GPS location to find local gas stations. Sort them by proximity or gas price to find the best deal near you.


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the FaceTime app to connect with family members and friends while away from home. However, Skype can be used on any device, and it’s easy for your family at home to download. Skype is most popular for video chat, but you can also use it as an instant messaging platform. It functions on Wi-Fi or cellular data.


If you spend way too much time on documentation after driving for the day, BigRoad is the app you need. It helps you find weigh stations, quickly send documentation to your company, and take photos of logs or documents for safe storage.


Waze is a maps and directions app that is good for personal or commercial drivers. It uses GPS, your current speed, and user reports to estimate your driving time down to the minute. You can use the app’s alerts to avoid traffic jams, move to the side for emergency vehicles, and prepare for tolls.

White Noise

Sleep is hard to come by on over-the-road drives, especially if you drive at night and stop to sleep during the day. Sleep apps can override your natural urge to stay awake and help you get the sleep you need to drive safely. White Noise has multiple features that make it worthy of a spot on your phone.

If you’re unwinding for the night, use the relax mode to let go of stressors and worries. When you’re ready to sleep, set the app to one of 50 HD sounds that help you fall asleep and stay asleep. For an easier morning wakeup, use one of the 20 included alarms.

Storm Shield

A storm that is an inconvenience for a personal driver can be extremely dangerous in a commercial vehicle. Stay on top of local weather conditions and severe weather alerts with Storm Shield. This app uses GPS to track storm conditions in your area. It even offers voice notifications so you don’t have to look at your phone while you’re driving.

Fast Food Calorie Lookup

Fast food is unavoidable on long drives, but a steady diet of fast food can take its toll on your health. Make more informed choices with this app, which includes entries for hundreds of sit-down and fast food restaurants. With the nutrition stats, you can find out calorie, carbohydrate, fat, sodium, and sugar information for most food items.