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The 10 Most Dangerous Trucking Hauls

Dangerous Trucking Hauls

You think life on the road is just daydreaming out the window with your radio turned up and the breeze in your hair? Yeah, maybe that’s how it feels sometimes. And those are the best days. But anyone who has experience in the industry knows that every day can be filled with the unexpected. That’s why we compiled these 10 dangerous trucking hauls stories, including videos, that prove hauling heavy loads isn’t as easy as it looks.

1.) Trucking in the French Alps

This first example of a dangerous haul comes from the French Alps, just North of Nice. This lumber truck pulls off some absolutely amazing, and extremely dangerous twists and turns. If there was a trucking Olympics, this driver might be one of our top picks. As you can see, it’s not just parking and backing into docks that can be your hardest experience. Sometimes the roads are just as much of a challenge. Fortunately, we don’t have any roads like this in the US – but if you know of any, please share so we can send out an alert on social media to warn other driver to avoid it!

2.) Hazardous Materials

Chemical Truckers. We’re going to shift from terrain to occupation in the driver industry. If you are want the safest driving job you can get, don’t apply for positions at chemical companies. Hauling chemicals is near the top of the danger list for truck drivers. That’s why if you want to work these jobs, you’ll need to go through additional training, which typically includes Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training.

3.) Extreme Conditions

Trucks in Extreme Conditions. The first truck in this video takes our breath away. Just as you think “Oh no!” you think “No way!” The other heavy hauls in this compilation are just as impressive. But if you have a fear of water, just go ahead and skip to the next video…

4.) Oversized Loads

Huge transport wide loads. Seriously, this photography compilation shows the most oversized loads we’ve ever seen. You have to wonder what kind of credentials and confidence drivers have to have to agree to drive loads this big.

5.) Oil and Gas

Oil and natural gas driving. In 2012, the New York Times reported a story about a driver who was killed while driving the company truck after a long shift. The same article states that more than 300 oil and gas workers were killed in highway crashes over the previous decade. This is the largest cause of fatalities in the oil and gas industry. Some blame the gap between the time off required for commercial drivers vs. oil drivers. Commercial drivers have to take at least 34 hours off after working 60 hours in a seven day period, vs. oil and gas workers who are only required to take 24 hours off.

6.) Ice Road Trucking

Ice road trucking. Okay, this isn’t a plug for the TV series, but there is a reason why this was turned into a show: this type of dangerous truck driving is really scary. Think you don’t like driving to your job five miles away in two inches of snow? Take a moment to imagine what these drivers go through.

7.) High Speed

Big trucks high speed waving on Highway –Almost tipping over. Our first question while watching this was “Why was the person with the camera following this truck so closely? We would have been pulled over calling 911 for help after the first wave.

8.) Road of the Dead

Bolivian ‘Road of the Dead.’ You know that old song about Dead Man’s Curb, and how it’s probably not a real thing? Well, this is a real thing, and be glad you’ve never heard of it until now. This road is in the mountains of South America, and is basically a graveyard for all kinds of vehicles that have traveled its path. No matter what you are hauling, this might be the most dangerous 50 mile stretch in the world, outside of a war zone. Every year, an estimates 200-300 people die on this road.

9.) House Moving Miscue

Trucks Moving houses. Hey wanna help me move? How many times have you dreaded hearing those words? Now imagine if your rich friend said “hey, wanna help me move my mansion?” That’s exactly what this person did. House moving is hard and dangerous. After all, there’s a big difference between overturning a coop of chickens on the highway and dumping a whole mansion in the middle of the road!

10.) Truck Mining Mishap

Mining trucking operations. Sometimes, the most lucrative trucking jobs also carry the most risks. Why do you think so many drivers considered working in Iraq during the peak of the war several years ago? The same is true stateside in such industries as mining. We all know that this industry carries risks, like most other occupations. But with some mining operations being among the most dangerous trucking jobs, made for those who have good skills and think the risk is worth the reward.

No matter what kind of trucking you want to pursue, it all starts with good training. The truth is, we need truckers to keep every industry moving to help steer clear from the dangers of truck driving. That’s why we need to keep pushing for safety standards that make sense, while looking out for what’s best for the drivers and long-term growth of the industry.