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10 Best Funny Trucking Video Mishaps

You know what’s worse than experiencing an embarrassing moment? Having that moment caught on video! Unfortunately for the drivers in these YouTube truck driver videos, their bad luck was captured for all to witness. So let these trucking mishap videos be reminders to always put safety first in your trucking career. Check out these 10 trucking videos mishaps to catch a glimpse of what situations you should try to avoid at all costs when you’re on the road…

1.) Overloaded Truck!

This poor truck tipping over is painful to watch! I don’t think trucking companies or the DOT would approve the vehicle, capacity or anything about this delivery – which is definitely going to be late, or ruined. This YouTube trucking video is one of those where we knew what was coming, but we couldn’t look away!

2.) Unloading accident.

Look, this is a serious situation no matter how you look at it. We had to keep watching just to make sure the guy gets back up. Fortunately, he springs to his step.

3.) How not to unload a forklift.

While this might not be an 18-wheeler having problems, many drivers understand the complications that can come with working with heavy equipment and transportation. Construction equipment like forklifts can turn a typical workday into a difficult, yet hilarious situation like this one.

4.) Shopping cart accident.

Sometimes, there are challenges at work that require all hands on deck, as this YouTube trucking clip shows. You better believe everyone who saw these shopping carts fly off this truck is going to have to pitch in to help clean this freak accident up.

5.) Truck driver showing his skills.

This one had us on the edge of our seats. SPOILER ALERT: He handles this like a champ. This video should be shown in every CDL training school.

6.) Will it clear?

This is an age old question in the trucking industry. One that every driver has probably been faced with at some time or another. This video compilation shows why you don’t want to make the mistake that these drivers did. Fortunately, the drivers in these videos weren’t hurt in these accidents – even the last driver, who apparently got his child out as well just in the nick of time.

7.) Truck fails compilation.

You have to really feel sorry for the person who has to break it to the customer that their load got lost all over a highway – but at least it’s got 2 thousand views on YouTube!

9.) Sometimes you have to wonder why.

Why in the world did this trucker decide that taking a U-turn would be a good idea? Not sure what they forgot, but it must have been important. The only injury in this video was to the driver’s ego as help had to arrive.

10.) We’re kind cheating with this one.

But isn’t this how we all learn how to love big trucks, life in the country, a simple existence – where sometimes we fall flat on our faces? As this video shows, you start learning life’s lessons when you’re young and having the most truck driver fun. And that you’re gonna fall down a lot. And most importantly, you’re gonna have to pick yourself up more than a few times as you grow up…

So let those videos be reminders that trucking is a serious occupation that requires a lot of good training and time on the road to be successful and safe as possible.