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As a Colorado truck driver, you may get to travel all over the Pacific Northwest and work for some of the biggest trucking companies in the country. Before you can begin your career, however, you need to complete your training. You can attend one truck driving school in the city of Fountain. U.S. Truck Driving School is located in this area, providing Class A and Class B training program.

A Class B program can prepare you to drive straight trucks throughout the course of your career. If you earn a Class A license, you may be able to drive straight trucks and tractor-trailers.

Fountain is a city that's home to about 26,800 people. Highways that run through Fountain include U.S. Highway 85, U.S. Highway 87, and Colorado State Highway 16. Local trucking companies include Old Dominion Freight Line, Groendyke Transport, and First Fleet Inc.

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